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Why ACV?

A once simple vinegar for salads, now taking over the world with its’ powerful properties. If you follow me on my Instagram page and watch my stories you’ve noticed that I post quite often me drinking AVC. (A.K.A. Apple Cider Vinegar) Typically in the mornings I’ll drink this cocktail up, but I never tell you why. Well today I am here friends to finally let you in on why I do this.

When I first started drinking ACV I couldn’t get past the taste. It’s super pungent and strong, leaving you with kind of a sour face after consuming it. But as I tell people, it’s like a nice craft IPA; at first you hate it, but then you grow to love it. Even like kombucha, you dislike the taste but learn to appreciate each sip. One thing to make sure, always drink it through a straw! The powerful strength of this vinegar will erode your enamel, and once that’s gone, it’s gone for good. Not to freak you out or anything, I promise this magic elixir does wonders for your body.

Let me break it down and give you a little history lesson. ACV is made from apple cider that has been fermented to form health-promoting probiotics and enzymes. It has a wide range of benefits from soothing sunburns to giving your gut health a boost. Plus, it may cure cold symptoms, help with seasonal allergies, and even acid reflux. Which is one of the reasons why I take it! I used to get acid reflux quite often, I honestly couldn’t tell you why, but I found that drinking ACV helps! Not only does it reduce symptoms, I can’t even tell you the last time I felt that burning sensation.

A few other health benefits are that it can help regulate blood sugar levels, meaning it can help lower the risk of diabetes. One of the main reasons for me drinking ACV is it helps promote weight loss. Studies show that it may increase satiety, which can help reduce intake and amp up weight loss. It helps you stay fuller longer so you don’t get unnecessary food cravings throughout the day. Another amazing property, drinking it will help lower cholesterol. I'm trying to lose a large amount of weight, it just helps me stay on track incase I slip up every once in a while.

I haven’t found any study behind this, but I like drinking ACV after a night of indulging. Whether I ate out with friends and had food I’m not used to eating or if I drank a little too much; a cocktail of ACV and water always does the trick. I instantly go from feeling sluggish to feeling like I can conquer the world.

I recently discovered that ACV is great for your skin as well! I’ve been going through a weird transition with my skin right now, it is just not liking me at the moment. I recently took myself off birth control, for many reasons, so my skin is not happy. I’ve found that using ACV as a toner each night has helped dry out my acne and even reduce scarring. Vinegar is well-known for its antibacterial properties and has been shown to be effective against many strains of harmful bacteria. Just a fair warning, ACV will dry out your skin, so make sure you are always moisturizing. One of my favorite ways to incorporate it into my skin care routine is mixing it with Aztec Healing Clay. Combing the already powerful vinegar with the strength of that healing mask makes the perfect skin care treat. I use this mask once to twice a week on my face, chest, back, and even underarms. (Helps balance pH, regulate sweating, and reduce smelling underarms)

When starting to add ACV to your life, always pick organic and raw. This is the purest form of this liquid and you want to make sure all the amazing properties haven’t been stripped away. The weird alien-looking floaties inside? Drink that up! That’s all the healthy bacteria your body needs. The bacteria inside ACV can enhance the health of your digestive system and deliver a host of added gut bacteria benefits, like increased immunity and an improved ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

Okay so enough of the rambling here’s how I drink this stuff everyday:

  1. Take a glass

  2. Fill it up with water

  3. Add in about 1- 2 tbsp raw organic unfiltered ACV

  4. Add in your favorite metal straw (Ditch the plastic and save the turtles!)

  5. Squeeze some lemon if you like

  6. Drink down and feel the benefits surging throughout your body

My tips for you:

  1. Always drink through a straw

  2. Start off slow, add in small amounts at a time when first starting

  3. I like cold water because it makes it easier to drink

  4. Drink this first thing in the morning for the best benefits, preferably while you’re making yourself food.

There are thousands of benefits out there of using ACV in your daily life, I only shared a few of my favorites. Since incorporating this ingredient in my life, I have noticed a big change. Not to mention it helps my energy levels throughout the day; I don’t drink coffee so having this every morning gives me the buzz I need. It’s not for everyone, but take from me, someone who had once tried all the newest weight loss trends,that this actually works! And it’s all natural! With just one basic ingredient that we all know how to pronounce!

I hope this helped answer any questions you may have had!

Sending you all light and love on this day or night wherever your beautiful soul may be.

Xx, Nicolette

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